Vintage Map Wall Art

June 13, 2019

Vintage Map Wall Art

Let me guess, you’re in search of that perfect touch for that blank wall or you just need something for that one little spot over there. You really want your home to reflect all of who you are.  Well, we’ve got you covered with these custom map wall art pieces. Perfect for an apartment, condo, or a happy couple’s first home, these one of a kind art pieces will brighten your house and make you smile with precious memories everytime you walk by.  They also look so awesome in a set of three!  

A vintage map of your choice is cut by hand with focus placed on your desired city. Please keep in mind that I have to work with what the maps give me. I do not use digital copies - I cut directly from old atlases (most from the 1950’s), so sometimes this may mean that a city is not perfectly centered or as large and focused as you may want.  I actually love this aspect of what I do as it gives each custom piece so much character. I am more than happy to send a proof prior to purchase, just ask!

These map accent pieces also feature custom hand-imprinted coordinates just beneath the map designed to really focus on your memory. Actually, I can imprint whatever you like there, initials or a date or a special quote.  We are not a big box store, not even close - just a small business that really cares about our customers. Just imagine handing a loved one this personalized piece of art, and watching their face light up in that moment with that memory. With over a decade in business, I can’t wait to work with you to create a unique one of a kind piece just for you!

These prints measure 5"x5" and come unframed. 

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